Vehicle Upfitting, Window Tinting & Auto Detailing Services

Serving Middletown, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

Today’s newest car models may come equipped with the latest technology and futuristic special features, but they don’t always meet your needs straight off the lot. In many circumstances, a manufacturer’s “finished product” needs several upgrades before it can serve its intended purpose with optimal productivity. At Phoenix Upfitters, we have over 20 years of experience and expertise in making those upgrades for personal, business, and fleet vehicle owners throughout Middletown, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH and beyond.

Fleet, Emergency & Police Vehicle Upfitting

When you have an important job to do, you need a vehicle that will help you do that job as efficiently as possible. Our vehicle upfitting services provide the custom solutions you need to get every vehicle in your fleet up to standard. Whether you require police vehicles with K9 transport capabilities, a surveillance system installed in the back of a security van, or just more effective storage in your truck for on-the-job tools and equipment, our team will upfit your vehicle to your exact specifications. No matter how big or how small the job is, we never sacrifice the high-quality of our products, attention to detail, or superior workmanship for which we have become known.

Phoenix Upfitters has upfitted vehicles of all makes, models, and classes for police fleets, emergency vehicle fleets, broadcast and satellite vehicle fleets, private workers, commercial truckers, and more all over Cincinnati and in surrounding Ohio cities. We are committed to delivering vehicles that fulfill your unique business needs and make it easier for drivers to meet their professional and personal goals.

Window Tinting, Remote Car Starters & Other Services

In addition to commercial vehicle upfitting, we also equip vehicles with other desirable features to enhance your driving experience. These services are available for professional and personal vehicles and include:

Whatever it takes to tailor your vehicle to your exact needs, preferences, and stipulations, Phoenix Upfitters will find a way to make it happen.

Contact our team in Middletown, OH to get started with our vehicle upfitting or other professional vehicle upgrading services. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can transform your ride into the vehicle of your dreams!


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